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Hal Movius is an Author
and Applied Psychologist,
with expertise in:

• Negotiation
• Influence
• Emotion Regulation
• Leadership
• Organizational Development

Drawing on decades of interdisciplinary research, including recent advances in psychology and social neuroscience, Hal and his team at Movius Consulting bring science-backed insight and practical techniques to their work as consultants, coaches, and trainers. Hal’s career spans 25 years as a mediator, clinician, researcher, teacher, coach, and consultant to leaders and organizations around the world.
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Books by Hal Movius

Book Cover - Resolve: Negotiating Life’s Conflicts with Greater Confidence


Resolve: Negotiating Life’s Conflicts with Greater Confidence

Research shows that interpersonal conflict is by far the most stressful thing we cope with on a daily basis.  Now, in a groundbreaking book, Hal Movius explains the critical role that confidence plays in conflicts and negotiations, providing simple and effective tools that every reader can use to build their own conflict management practice.  Starting with the idea that most conflicts and negotiations are crucibles in which the material, social and emotional goals mix, Movius explains that confidence is made up of three distinct components – Mastery, Awareness, and Poise – reflecting behavioral, cognitive, and emotional capabilities. The book provides practical, evidence based techniques for becoming less daunted and avoidant in managing conflict, and more proactive and effective.

Detailed chapters explore the nuts and bolts of of planning, process and practice; the cognitive errors that all of us make in approach conflict; the complex link between personality, emotion, and negotiation tendencies; extra steps required to handle difficult counterparts, negotiations within close relationships; and negotiating on behalf of others. A final chapter and appendix provide the reader with empirically grounded self-assessments, and twelve powerful tools to help kickstart new ways of planning and practicing for upcoming conversations and negotiations.

Whether you’re a conflict avoider, a pushover, a citizen looking for new ways to find your voice, or an accomplished negotiator facing new challenges, this book will help you develop the confidence you need to tackle difficult situations and negotiations with greater effectiveness and less stress.

Book Cover - Resolve: Negotiating Life’s Conflicts with Greater Confidence


“This is a terrific book.”
— Tom Peters

Built to Win: Creating a World-class Negotiating Organization

Built to Win will be invaluable to CEOs, senior-level managers, HR business leaders, human resource professionals, sales and purchasing managers, and others who negotiate regularly.

Companies that consistently negotiate more valuable agreements in ways that protect key relationships enjoy an important but often overlooked competitive advantage. Until now, most companies have sought to improve their negotiation outcomes by sending individuals to training workshops. But this new groundbreaking book, using real-world examples from leading companies, shows a more powerful and less expensive way to achieve this.

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Hal Movius on the radio.

Hal Movius appeared on Vancouver radio recently to discuss confidence in the workplace. You can listen here. The discussion with Hal starts around the 23 minute mark.