The Power of Active-Constructive Responding

John Gottman Psychologist John Gottman has been researching relationships for more than four decades, and in recent years the popular media have taken notice of his findings. Accounts of his work have often emphasized the four “horsemen” in communication patterns that signal trouble for marriages: criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt. But we sometimes lose sight of the positive communication patterns that correlate with marital [...]

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How do you feel about conflict?

Quick: would you rather Be stuck overnight in an airport with no place to sleep Raise an issue with a friend when it might lead to a fight or argument Argue with a roommate If you’re like 330 adults I surveyed this summer on MTurk, Amazon’s research tool, all three are equally unpleasant. Surprised? I admit I was. Sure, some forms of conflict – spirited debate, [...]

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