Is Mindfulness Effective?

Do you practice mindfulness?  Here's an interesting piece questioning the evidence that it is effective.  Here’s how I think about it: mindfulness is an emotion-focused coping strategy (one that tries to help us escape or modify our emotions in the moment); evidence suggest these strategies can be helpful when we face a situation that cannot be changed.  When we face a situation that CAN potentially be [...]

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On the Secret Formula for Resilience

From an article, "How People Learn to Be Resilient" by Maria Konnikova in the New Yorker: “Frame adversity as a challenge, and you become more flexible and able to deal with it, move on, learn from it, and grow. Focus on it, frame it as a threat, and a potentially traumatic event becomes an enduring problem; you become more inflexible, and more likely to be negatively [...]

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Building Resolve to Engage with Political Adversaries

Much will be written about the 2016 Presidential election. Its outcome signaled a realignment in political coalitions but also reflected an increasingly balkanized information environment, with people reading and watching sources that reinforced their beliefs and emotions. For some people in America – at least half, if the polls are right – the morning of 11/9 was a kind of traumatic echo or bookend to the events [...]

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