Ethical Negotiation: Not an Oxymoron

The Carnegie Council interviews Hal Movius and Max Bazerman on how to help negotiators behave in more ethical ways “In this second podcast in our collaboration with, we examine negotiation. Turning again to behavioral science for insight, we learn that transparency and prioritizing joint gains can keep negotiations above-board, and might help companies avoid the pitfalls that beset Dell Computers a [...]

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Left, Right, Up, Down, Forward, Backward: Which Type Are You?

Reliable generalizations about human behavior are hard to come by, and much sought after. We want to understand ourselves as much as anyone else, and the notion of broad, easy-to-understand categories of personality promise to simplify things. Categories – personality types – suggest that understanding our motives, biases, and behaviors, can be less messy and probabilistic. Often enough, the tools we use to place ourselves in [...]

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Want to Supercharge Your Team’s IQ?

I study human relationships from the perspective of Social Neuroscience. For the past twenty years, I’ve watched people navigate their sometimes quite troubled social environments, looking for clues about what makes some relationships successful while others flounder toward conflict. This has led me to a deep understanding of how people behave with one another when goals are shared and, perhaps more importantly, when goals are not [...]

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